Program Overview

The Canine Arthritis Management Practitioner program is the most comprehensive overview of canine arthritis management for veterinary professionals worldwide.  Learn about all aspects of canine arthritis management, from identification and diagnosis of the disease to evidence-based multimodal management and end of life care. 

The Canine Arthritis Management Practitioner program is a comprehensive overview of canine osteoarthritis (OA) and its evidence-based management. Despite being classed as a welfare concern and recognized as one of the leading causes of elective euthanasia, OA is an often overlooked and poorly managed disease.  

This course will provide the veterinary professional with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to successfully manage OA in their patients. Through case-based learning, students will be given an in-depth look at the identification, diagnosis, and multimodal management of the disease, as well as palliative/end of life care considerations. Emphasis is placed on following an evidence-based multimodal approach to management, with consideration of the biopsychosocial care model and focus on improving client compliance through enhanced communication and owner education. The course is designed to allow the veterinarian or veterinary technician to immediately incorporate their new understanding into their professional role. 

This program is open to the following:

  • Veterinarians
  • Licensed Veterinary Technicians
  • Physical Therapists
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Students in one of the professions


The program consists of 15 modules to be completed in order: 

Module 1:  Welcome to Canine Arthritis Management
Module 2:  A Fresh Look at Pain in Practice
Module 3:  The Impact of Osteoarthritis
Module 4:  Clinical Assessment of the MSK Chronic Patient
Module 5:  A Rational Approach to Analgesics Used in OA
Module 6:  Further Interventions to Manage OA
Module 7:  Weight Control and OA
Module 8:  Contemporary Therapies and OA
Module 9:  Supplements and OA
Module 10:  Injectables and Intra-articulars in OA
Module 11:  Surgery and OA
Module 12:  Feline Osteoarthritis
Module 13:  The Importance of Owner Engagement
Module 14:  End of Life Care
Module 15:  Osteoarthritis Management Revision

Continuing Education Credits:
RACE Approved 11.5 Hours
Program approval number: 20-916135

Regular Pricing:  $699.00
(Save $100.00 using the code NCSU100)


To educate professionals who share a common interest in helping learn about all aspects of canine arthritis management, from identification and diagnosis of the disease to evidence-based multimodal management and end of life care.

Program Benefits Include:

Our program offers the following advantages: 

  • World class instruction on the management and treatment of canine arthritis
  • Earn a certificate in canine arthritis management from NC State University
  • Access to our interactive forum allows students to connect with the instructor
  • A wealth of valuable resources to include: open access papers, relevant websites, and  an opportunity for ongoing training available after the course


Learning Objectives

Upon completion of the course, the veterinary professional should be able to:

  • Describe the biomechanical, biochemical, and morphological changes which occur within the osteoarthritic joint.
  • Describe and recognize the different types of pain associated with osteoarthritis and understand their mechanisms and pathways.
  • Describe the various analgesics available to treat the pain of canine and feline osteoarthritis and identify the pain pathways they act upon.
  • Understand the multimodal approach to canine arthritis management and describe the various modalities available to manage the disease.
  • Confidently manage osteoarthritis cases from identification and diagnosis to formulating a multimodal management plan and navigating end of life care