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Certified Canine strength and conditioning coach (CSCC)


The Certified Canine Strength and Conditioning Coach (CSCC) program is intended for professionals that want to understand and implement proper canine training techniques, foundational training, exercises specific to canine movement, safe and effective use of equipment, and program design specific to each individual client’s needs.

The CSCC program presents real world applications for the concepts of canine fitness and functional exercise.  Using a hybrid format of online lecture and hands-on training will enhance the learning process of the most important canine fitness and exercise concepts.

The CSCC program will give you the knowledge and hands-on applications to be able to design safe and effective exercise plans that are specific to a dog’s structure and activities.

A key component to the program includes creating a comprehensive canine conditioning plan that will implement the following;

  • Strength and balance exercises
  • Exercises specific to the dog’s needs
  • Sprint and/or endurance work
  • Sport and activity specific exercises
  • Flexibility exercise
  • Mental challenges


The program consists of 4 modules to be completed in order: 

CSCC II - Hands-on Live Lab Dates

LABS: Both In Person with an integrated Virtual option

Please be aware that the lab is taught in English. Any interpreters that may be needed is the students responsibility. Please make arrangements ahead of time and notify NES @ before the lab if you will have an interpreter present both for in-person and virtual options.


To educate professionals who share a common interest in helping develop proactive fitness and conditioning programs that helps reduce the chance of injury, and encourages lifelong canine health through exercise.

Why our program?

Our program offers the following advantages: 

  • If you are looking for a program that presents real world application for the concepts of canine fitness, strength and conditioning, the CSCC program is for you.
  • Commitment to presenting the most up to date, comprehensive curriculum that provides a strong foundation to develop a results-driven program that utilizes a standardized fitness assessment on which to build and improve the practices of canine fitness, strength and conditioning.
  • The CSCC program is delivered in a hybrid format of preparatory online lectures that can be started at any time.  Followed with a hands-on lab session, case studies and online final exam.
  • Instruction by faculty that specialize in canine fitness, exercise, functional exercise, strength and conditioning.
  • Promotion of safe and effective practices in canine fitness, exercise, strength and conditioning training.

Learning Objectives

After successful completion of the CSCC program, students will be able to demonstrate the following; 

  • An understanding of correct canine exercise form
  • The ability to train desired exercises and movements
  • Canine fitness foundation exercises
  • The understanding of evaluating posture
  • How to choose correct exercises for a specific dog
  • The knowledge of repetitions, sets, and exercise variables
  • Design an exercise program for the individual client
  • Be able to teach mock group classes and/or private lesson, and provide instructions on how to teach the exercise, and what to look for to achieve correct form
CSCC Certification Pic #1

Prerequisites and Intended Audience

Intended Audience:  We have students from a variety of backgrounds in canine fitness, exercise, dog training and other related fields that enroll in our program.  Student backgrounds include (but not limited to):

Certified Dog Trainers
Agility professionals
Dock Diving Professionals
Canine Exercise and Fitness Trainers
Field Trial Professionals
Military and Police Background
Search and Rescue Professionals
Veterinarians / Veterinary Technicians
Canine Physiotherapy Professionals

I was nervous going into the case study portion of this certification but once I got into it, I had so much fun and built so much confidence in my knowledge and ability!

These dogs amazed me with how much they could learn and how quickly they picked it up. I have never thought of myself as a trainer or interested in behavior training, but your guidance and teaching encouraged me and showed me how marvelous it is to be able to communicate with another species. I mainly work with guide and service dogs so I can’t use all of the training skills that I learned in my job but seeing the difference it made in the pet dog that I worked with and with my own dog has been incredible.

In my job I am used to teaching our daily rotating volunteers how to lead the dogs through the exercises and usually I show through example first, so it was a new challenge to teach through verbal direction and I was able to practice each day. The volunteers that I worked with for Simba and Journey raved about how much they were learning, how effective and interesting the exercises were, and how well the dogs learned what we were asking of them. I strongly believe that this information will bring new perspective and better workouts to help us support these amazing and life changing dogs.

Thank you for teaching this information and for always being available for questions!

Allison Mann Testimonial

Allison Mann

Canine Fitness and Rehab Coach, Southeastern Guide Dogs

I’m really enjoying the CSCC course. I’m not new to fitness or training, however I am still learning heaps and benefiting from the clarity and structure of the content. I LOVE the emphasis on the training skills and foundation behaviors required. And the section on program design is super helpful. I’m sure I’m going to come out of it a more confident and capable coach for my clients (a varied mix of seniors, pet and sport)

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The Canine Fitness (CSCC) program through NC State and Northeast Seminars is an amazing program. Bobbie Lyons and the staff at NES did an amazing job of putting this program together. The curriculum is extremely easy to follow and informative. You gain amazing knowledge with this program, as well as great access to professionals in the industry and a great network of other students from all over the world coming together to learn and discuss canine wellness. The hands-on labs are very well put together, and they also offer an online version of the labs that is super helpful to people like me who do not want to or dislike traveling. You get a great hands-on experience with the live labs, even if you attend the online version of the program. I am extremely grateful for this program, and I am happy that I found something like this to help me in my future efforts to better the lives of canines and their humans!

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Kiel Bredeson

CSCC, Virtual Program Attendee

“I was very lucky to be able to participate at the CSCC Live Lab with DogFit, South Korea.  I was able to get hands-on experience of learning that could only be experienced by travelling all the way to the US right here locally I was able to get the same quality of training without having to travel for so long and spending so much on logistics.

Moreover, having the assistance of Susanna and Mr. Byeon who have many years of experience not only working with Canine Conditioning and strengthening cases but also closely working with the Original Program developer Bobbie made the program even more profound.  

Susanna did not just translate material. She interpreted it with full background knowledge of the field and made it easy for us to understand everything. This would not have been possible if I hired a bilingual translator because of all the contextual terms and words. 

Having access to multiple dogs that collaborated well was great, especially for the observation parts. Being able to participate and communicate in our mother language let me be more creative in every aspect of the program, being able to add more ideas at the discussions, ask questions and share thoughts whereas when I participated in other foreign programs before I had to always be a listener for the most part.   Also having full access to equipment, non-slip floors made all the learning experience “non-restriction”.

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CSCC, CCRA Vet Tech at VIP Rehabilitation Center

Human Resource:  Susanna who translated the course had deep understanding about training and fitness in both languages. She knew exactly what the words meant in context so was able to explain and break down things for everyone to fully understand what was going on.   Most Koreans have had English education all their lives so their listening and reading skills are somewhat okay. But they (we) have a hard time with speaking. Susanna delivered our questions and comments very well to Bobbie, so we were able to have a rich mutual communication.   Even the smallest questions were answered in depth with not just simple straight answers but also Woojin shared his experiences in our culture and industry thus allowing us to have more learning.   It is very rare to have different field professionals like vets, trainers, groomers, technicians to learn the same material or learn together. It was great to be in the room with people with different experiences and backgrounds. I had a lot of fun sharing thoughts, ideas, and expertise with them. 

Venue:   DogFit’s facility was perfectly fit to host the lab. They were fully prepared to have people there. Their facility was clean for all three days, and they had tables, coffee, snacks, printouts, projector, clean bathrooms… everything we needed.   They also provided all needed equipment that I wouldn’t have had access to. Having had the opportunity to try all the different equipment was also a huge benefit.  It is worth mentioning the benefit of their location. They are located in the most central part of Korea. It is close to multiple subway lines and buses and also close enough to the express bus terminal for those coming from different cities. 

Working with DogsWe had a very good variety of dog sizes, cases and ages to work with. Being able to see, touch and try exercises on the site was a huge learning experience which wouldn’t have been possible. having both Bobbie’s demo on the screen and Woojin’s demo on the site was extremely helpful.   Having experienced dogs willing to work with different people was a big benefit for me, especially because I don’t have any training experience. It gave me confidence! 

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Dr. Um

Sewook Um, DVM, CCRP, CSCC

The CSCC program with Bobbie Lyons was AMAZING. It was worth the wait. I am honored to be part of the first graduating group to work with her and I will never take her knowledge for granted. Having access to the class and new information forever is going to be so beneficial for me to grow and learn as a coach. I can not wait to use what I have learned to help educate owners and increase the quality of life for canines everywhere. If you are considering getting into canine fitness, look no further. You will NOT find someone more knowledgeable, caring, hard working and passionate about canine fitness. Thank you Bobbie!!!

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Leah Senecal


Greetings from Belgium

After doing fitness and following workshops with my dogs for years to keep them healthy and to prepare them for the next sportive session, I reckoned it was time to enlarge my knowledge.   

The CSCC program focused on theory useful in fitness program design in the first modules. I missed that in previous courses. The practical part of this program is very large. You get a good support with foundation exercises and exercises according the muscles goals you want to achieve.

The live lab was a real eye opening experience in observing posture, planes of motion, thinking over muscles and movement, dealing with clients, … with a very good guidance of the instructors. 

In the case studies I got very sufficient feedback.  If I had questions during this program, they were answered in no time. The team behind this program is very helpful.  Thanks to this course I learned a good workflow to observe a dog and design the fitness exercises for my goals. The theory and the practical exercises give me confidence in what I’m doing.   

Thank you very much!

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Natalie Dirckx


I just wanted to extend my thanks to you, NCSU, NES, and Bobbie Lyons for your excellent new Canine Strength and Conditioning Coach certification program.  I found it to be a really well thought out combination of academic study, lab participation, and case studies, presented in a way that was not only informative but enjoyable.  I particularly liked its emphasis on the ins and outs of choosing and teaching particular fitness exercises, which was just what I needed for my client dogs and their owners.   I look forward to other of your courses in the future.

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“I highly recommend this program for anyone with an interest in becoming a canine conditioning coach or anyone (like me) with an interest in helping your dogs stay fit for the active lives you want them to share with you in performance sports or recreation….”   

Here are some further thoughts from my experience.  

CSCC Part I Online:
(self-directed study) is well designed to teach the fundamentals needed through video-taped lectures and Powerpoint slides. In addition, there are countless videos that are used effectively to demonstrate key concepts and individual exercises. The videos of each exercise make the goal of the exercise clear and provide one or more options for teaching the exercise. I am excited to have continued access to these materials in the future, and plan on referring to them regularly when my next puppy comes along.

CSCC II Hands-on Lab: 
(3-day interactive laboratory) elevated my understanding of canine conditioning to a much higher level. As promised, very little of the material from part 1 was repeated. Instead, the concepts and exercises from part 1 served as the foundation for us to practice developing sound training programs tailored to individual situations. Dogs were on hand for us to put pieces of our plans into action in order to see how they held up in actual practice. Bobbie Lyons and her assistants set a positive, welcoming tone for the entire weekend. Bobbie encouraged participation by every individual attending, was open to questions and comments throughout the laboratory, and dedicated specific times during each day for any further questions to be raised. The days were packed full of information and experiences, but never felt rushed. The end of the final day was spent on practical information about the logistics of setting up a business from scratch for those that planned to offer conditioning coaching as a source of income. 

Throughout the weekend, Bobbie was generous with her time and knowledge, shared freely and frankly from her years of experience, and supported each participant in their efforts to learn. Kudos to Bobbie and her team for creating such an excellent learning environment!

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Eleanor C. Hawkins, DVM, Dipl. ACVIM (SAIM), Professor Emerita, Small Animal Internal Medicine Department of Clinical Sciences College of Veterinary Medicine NC State University