We hope you enjoy our presentation of Jennifer’s course Evaluation and Rehabilitation of Equine Stifle Dysfunction.



Presented by: Jennifer Brooks, PT, MEd, CERP, Equine Physical Therapist

Jennifer Brooks dedicated her professional life to the art and science of large canine and equine rehabilitation.  Every march she would host a seminar on the Equine Stifle and specifically on the IUFP (Intermittent Upward Fixation of the Patella).  Her last lecture on the Stifle was filmed March of 2019, 3 months before her untimely passing.  We hope you enjoy our presentation of Jennifer’s course Evaluation and Rehabilitation of Equine Stifle Dysfunction.

A portion of the proceeds from this course are going into a specific mutual fund for the education of Jennifer’s grandchildren.  Jennifer was a huge believer in the education of everyone, specifically her three children, whom she lived to see all graduate college.  Donations are also made to the Nashua NH Soup Kitchen/Food Pantry in her name every month.  These two activities are not directly tied, but I do this to honor Jennifer’s spirit of giving to others.  It you are interested in doing more for causes Jennifer loved, you can give to the Nashua Soup Kitchen or to Live and Let Live farm in Chichester, NH.

Course Details


Course Length


Learning Objectives

Class Objectives:

Upon completing this class, you will be able to:

    • – Compare human knee problems to equine
    • – Understand the anatomy and pathophysiology of equine stifle dysfunction (I/UFP)
    • – Identify contributing factors to equine stifle dysfunction
    • – Summarize veterinary approaches in treating equine stifle dysfunction
    • – Describe physical therapy approaches and why they work




Run Time: 4 Hour 45 Minutes


Section I:  Anatomy & Pathophysiology

  • Unit 1:  Introduction and Objectives
  • Unit 2:  Intermittent Upward Fixation of the Patella (I/UFP)
  • Unit 3:  Patellar Femoral Pain Syndrome (PFPS)
  • Unit 4:  Torque Angle Relationship Problems / Long Toes and Gluteal Region Pain
  • Unit 5:  Veterinarian Role – Part 1
  • Unit 6:  Veterinarian Role – Part 2
  • Unit 7:  Hands-on Session in the Bard #1

Section II:  Physical Therapy Approach to I/UFP

  • Unit 8:  Rehab Treatment Objectives & Assessment
  • Unit 9:  Hands-on session in the Barn #2
  • Unit 10:  Stretching
  • Unit 11:  Progression of Exercise
  • Unit 12:  Isotonic Strengthening Exercises
  • Unit 13:  Eccentrics
  • Unit 14:  Hands-on Session in the Barn #3 (Desmond)
  • Unit 15:  Return to Functional Activity & Conclusion
  • Unit 16:  Extra Topics – New Developments in PT




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