Canine Fitness 101


Canine Fitness 101 provides an introduction and overview to canine fitness, training and exercise.  This class is for those people looking to design a fitness plan for a dog and/or teach fitness classes.  It is also for the dog owners and trainers that wants to understand how to help dogs reduce the chance of injury, enrich the dogs life as well as improve the bond between human and dog.  This class will teach you how to communicate with a dog to achieve the muscle engagement intended to each exercise.  You will leave this class understanding exercise progression, sets and reps, how to get the dog to do it and some basic training methods to get you there.

Beginners, as well as those that have experience in canine fitness, exercise and training will benefit from this course.

This class will be a combination of demonstration and hands on work with your dog.  Students can attend the course with their dog (handler spot) or attend as an observer (auditor spot).

Dates:  (TBD)


Handler spots @ $279.00 (discounted to $249 for CCFT students)

Auditor spots @ $149.00 (discounted to $119 for CCFT students)


Bobbie Lyons

Bobbie Lyons

Bobbie has been training and competing in agility with her dogs for over 12 years. She has been teaching private lessons, online classes and workshops educating others on how to properly improve body awareness and strength in their K9 Athlete to prepare for and improve performance. (Click for more information)

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