Dr. Fox is a graduate of the United States Naval Academy and proudly served our country for 10 years-- primarily as a Combat Naval Aviator in Vietnam: flying 300 combat missions with qualification as Officer of the Deck of the USS Enterprise. Steve has six academic degrees, including: engineering (BS), veterinary medicine (BS), nutritional biochemistry (MS), an MBA, a DVM and PhD in physiology/pain management. Dr. Fox was President of the Veterinary Orthopedic Society in 2004. He is certified as a small animal surgical specialists in New Zealand (a country in which he holds dual citizenship) and has 15 years experience in corporate marketing, technical services and research (Pfizer and Novartis). Dr. Fox is involved with the Western Veterinary Conference as the Symposium Educational Manager. He is a recognized authority on pain management and is widely published with 80 professional articles, 3 textbooks and 5 textbook chapters. Dr. Fox is in demand as both a lecturer and public speaker.

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