Dr. Broadhurst graduated from Chiropractic College (DIT) at the end of 2003. She learned about myofascial dry needling in her third year at university and used it extensively in her two-year residency. After graduating from chiropractic college Dr Broadhurst then went on to study further and was awarded her diploma as an Internationally Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician from the International Federation of Chiropractic Sports. Dr Broadhurst joined Dr Angus and his West Coast Chiropractic team in 2005. Dr Broadhurst branched out in 2006 and went over to the USA to Options for Animals and certified with them and the International Veterinary Chiropractic Association as an Animal Chiropractor. The practice continued to flourish and grow with many families, ranging from babies to those nearing a century, athletes, chronic pain sufferers, dogs and cats visited the practice expectant of pain relief.  They were very blessed to offer this to their patients by using a combination of dry needling, acupuncture, diversified chiropractic adjustments and other wonderful techniques that they are certified in and patients of all species flourished and got better in record time. Dr Broadhurst built an exceptionally busy and prominent small and large animal practice, specializing in stud, racehorses, and canines. Dr Broadhurst worked for prominent stud farms such as Drakenstein Stud, Klawervlei, Maine Chance, Highlands, Lammerskraal, Sandown, Nutfield, Varsfontein stud and many others. Her resume includes working for the best South African thoroughbred racehorse trainers including the J&B Met and Queens Plate winners.  She was one of the first animal chiropractors to practice in South Africa and has mentored some of the animal chiropractors that have subsequently started practicing in SA. She has helped thousands of humans and animals with myofascial work and chiropractic. In 2018 Drs Angus and Broadhurst moved to the USA where they currently reside. She qualified under Dr John Amaro (IAMA) as a Chiropractic acupuncturist and certified as a Canine Rehabilitative Practitioner through the University of Tennessee, she is one of only four chiropractors worldwide who hold that certification as a DC.

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