The Canine Arthritis Management Practitioner program is the most comprehensive overview of canine arthritis management for veterinary professionals worldwide.  Learn about all aspects of canine arthritis management, from identification and diagnosis of the disease to evidence-based multimodal management and end of life care.

The Canine Arthritis Management Practitioner program is a comprehensive overview of canine osteoarthritis (OA) and its evidence-based management. Despite being classed as a welfare concern and recognized as one of the leading causes of elective euthanasia, OA is an often overlooked and poorly managed disease.

This course will provide the veterinary professional with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to successfully manage OA in their patients. Through case-based learning, students will be given an in-depth look at the identification, diagnosis, and multimodal management of the disease, as well as palliative/end of life care considerations. Emphasis is placed on following an evidence-based multimodal approach to management, with consideration of the biopsychosocial care model and focus on improving client compliance through enhanced communication and owner education. The course is designed to allow the veterinarian or veterinary technician to immediately incorporate their new understanding into their professional role.

Canine Arthritis Management Practitioner is an online modular program consisting of 15 modules.  Each module contains an audio-recorded PowerPoint presentation (video lecture) and a multiple-choice quiz, as well as the following:

  1. External links to further learning through past CAM interviews with key industry experts.
  2. Relevant open access papers.
  3. Downloadable and web-based educational and support resources accessible by pet owners.
  4. Downloadable and web-based resources available to vet professionals/vet practices.
  5. Owner education resources available to vet practices.

At the end of the course, attendees must complete a 50-question multiple-choice final exam encompassing all the topics included within the course.

Please Note:  Measures are in place to ensure full participation and completion of the video lectures and multiple-choice quizzes.

    1. You must progress through the lectures in order and are required to complete all course components before receiving a certificate of completion.
    2. All recorded video lectures must be viewed to at least 90% completion in order to advance.
    3. At the end of each module you must pass with a grade of 85% or greater in order to progress to the next module.
    4. Final exam consists of 50 multiple-choice questions and you must pass with a grade of 85% or greater in order to receive the certificate of completion.
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