After successful completion of CSCC I (Online Lecture Series) and CSCC II (Hands-On Lab Series), students are eligible for the case study portion of the program.



Students will be required to submit case studies.
In order to move on to the CSCC IV online examination, students will be required to complete and pass the CSCC III Case Studies module of the program.

Case Study Requirements for live/virtual lab participants
Attendees of the lab session (CSCC II) will be required to submit three (3) case studies, due within 60 days after the completion of the lab.

The case studies are designed to take you through the entire process of acquiring a history, completing a fitness evaluation, doing a fitness assessment, designing a fitness program and demonstrating the dog doing an exercise on video to help prepare you for working with a variety of dogs in the future.

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Course Length



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You have 2 months (60 days) to complete and submit your case studies.
Early submission is allowed.  Case study grades will be returned in 6 weeks AFTER the class due date.  Cases submitted early may or may not be graded before the due date.  The grading on case studies is pass/fail. You must earn a score of 80% or higher to successfully pass the case study.

CSCC Program Prerequisites and Intended Audience

Intended Audience:  We have students from a variety of backgrounds in canine fitness, exercise, dog training and other related fields that enroll in our program.

Student backgrounds include (but not limited to):
Certified Dog Trainers
Agility professionals
Dock Diving Professionals
Canine Exercise and Fitness Trainers
Field Trial Professionals
Military and Police Background
Search and Rescue Professionals
Veterinarians / Veterinary Technicians
Canine Physiotherapy Professionals

PLEASE NOTE:  Online lectures for CSCC I and CSCC II Labs must completed before you complete your cases.

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