The CCAT I course provides an up-to-date overview for the field of companion animal rehabilitation.



The Introduction to Companion Animal Rehabilitation (CCAT – Certified Companion Animal Therapist I ONLINE) course provides an up-to-date overview for the field of companion animal rehabilitation.  Similarities and differences between human and animal rehabilitation will be discussed and a review of the regulatory issues involved in this field of practice from the perspective of both physical therapists and veterinarians will be covered.  The principles of veterinary sports medicine will also be included in the Introduction to Companion Animal Rehabilitation (CCAT I ONLINE) course, as well as the role of team members.

An overview of basic comparative anatomy will be reviewed, as well as commonly seen orthopedic and neurological conditions.  Collaboration between the veterinary and physical therapy professions will be emphasized to enhance the learning experience.  Patient, orthopedic, and neurologic evaluations are also covered.

How to get started in the field of animal rehabilitation and protocol development will be reviewed, and also the importance of a team approach to animal rehabilitation.

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Participant must be a Veterinarian, Veterinary Technician, Physical Therapist, Physical Therapist Assistant, Occupational Therapist or an actively enrolled student in one these fields.


CCAT I (Online Course Lectures)

  1. Overview of Small Animal Rehabilitation
  2. History and Introduction to Animal Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy
  3. Differences and Similarities between Human and Animal Rehabilitation
  4. Legal and Practice Issues
  5. Rationale for Veterinary Rehabilitation
  6. Osteology
  7. Arthrology
  8. Myology
  9. Neuroanatomy
  10. Anatomy Dissection
  11. Handling
  12. Behavior and Fear Free Rehabilitation
  13. Principles of Patient Evaluation
  14. Biomechanics
  15. Principles of Veterinary Sports Medicine
  16. The Rehabilitation Team

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn the history of animal rehabilitation and physical therapy
  • Understanding the differences and similarities between human and animal rehab
  • Understand regulatory issues and the role of the team members in animal rehabilitation
  • The rationale for veterinary physical rehabilitation
  • A review of canine anatomy and physiology
  • Understand the principles of patient, orthopedic and neurologic evaluations
  • Understand the principles of veterinary sports medicine
  • Learn the importance of a team approach in animal rehabilitation and how to get started


RACE Program Approval

Provider #120 – Program Number:  #20-966404

Number of Hours of CE:  13.00
  • Veterinarians:  13 hours
  • Veterinary Technicians:  13 hours

Additional Info

  • Certificates of Attendance can be printed once testing is completed with a passing grade.  You can then print your certificate from home.
  • Northeast Seminars is recognized by the RACE to offer continuing education for Veterinarians and Veterinary Technicians.
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