These standards are designed to (1) contribute to professional development and (2) lead to acquiring and enhancing skills and knowledge for the CSCC professional.   Continuing education is relied on to maintain the high standards for certified CSCC graduates.

To maintain the “CSCC Find a Pro” listing as well as lifetime access to the CSCC I Online content, graduates are required to meet the requirements of professional development in the field of canine fitness, exercise, behavior or related field.



CSCC Certification maintenance standards:

CSCC Certification Maintenance Standards require that all CSCC holders must complete their 10-hour CE/Professional Development requirement every two years in order to maintain their CSCC credential in good standing.  A bi-annual (every two years) administrative fee of $99.00 is also required at the time of Continuing Education/Professional Development submission for each individual group of graduates.

(Example:  January 2023 graduates must submit their CE/Professional Development hours with administrative fee on or before January 2025)

This will be required for all CSCC graduates beginning with certificate holders after January 1, 2023.    There is no CE required during the first year of certification.
Starting during year two you will need to submit 10 hours of approved continuing education/professional development and an administrative fee of $99.00 to Northeast Seminars and every two (2) years thereafter to maintain the CSCC credential in good standing.

  • Online hours will be counted at .5 hrs for every 1 hour of listening material.
  • Students enrolled in online courses that require a case study or video submission will earn 1 hour of credit per five minutes of video submitted
  • In person courses will be counted at 1.5 hrs per hour of classroom time (i.e live workshops, seminars)

Requirements for Maintaining Your CSCC

  • Approved activity, professional development, or continuing education coursework
  • Maintain certification by paying CSCC bi-annual administrative dues/fees
  • Submit your activity/CE forms and appropriate paperwork to verify that you have fulfilled your required development hours – (Once you have made your payment, please reply to the email receipt with your submission paperwork)

Below is a list of courses, activities, conferences and continuing education courses that are pre-approved for CSCC Certification renewal:

Conferences, events/activities, and courses that are pre-approved:

  • Clicker Expo
  • APDT
  • The Dog Behavior Conference
  • AICP
  • International Working Dog Conference
  • PennVet Working Dog Conference

Online canine fitness and general dog training websites that are pre-approved:

  • Bobbie Lyons Canine Campus
  • The Moving Canine
  • Dogs4Motion Academy
  • Fenzi Dog Sports Academy
  • FDSA Pet Professionals
  • Susan Garrett – various websites
  • Karen Pryor Academy
  • The Ranch
  • PennVet Working Dog Center

Note:   Other courses may be approved by submitting a request.

Bi-annual (every two years) Administrative Fee:  $99.00 every two years at time of CEU/PD activity submission

To maintain your CSCC, in addition to the required activity, CE or professional development an bi-annual administrative fee of $99.00 is required to maintain your certification and remain on the list of professionals who have obtained the CSCC designation.

Information required for approval

  1. Website URL of the course with description (or pdf if a submitted course has been removed from the respective website)
  2. Number of hours – in person, online lecture, online working (may be adjusted during approval process)
  3. Instructors Name


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