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General Information on Canine Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy

A “one-stop-shop” center with links, literature, facilities providing animal rehabilitation, and other general links to animal rehabilitation resources.

Wizard of Paws Physical Rehabilitation for Animals
Whether the dog is competing at Westminster, the AKC or USDAA Agility Nationals, a flyball tournament, a herding trial, or preparing to jump off the couch and go get a treat, we see them! Our patients range from dogs that have orthopedic or neurological surgeries, hip and elbow dysplasia, muscular injuries, athletic injuries, degenerative Myelopathy, spinal injuries and disc problems, trouble holding their sit or stand in a dog show, wounds, and cancer. Services to include evaluations, treatment, conditioning, boarding and transportation.

PetSafe VET Therapy – From Rehab to Relief, it’s great for your patients….and your bottom line!
Available for decades in human medicine, pain management, physical therapy and rehabilitation are on the rise in the veterinary profession. As the life expectancy of our pets increases, the bonds between owners and their companions becomes increasingly stronger. PetSafe Vet Therapy is dedicated to giving pets a better quality of life by providing the best technologies in veterinary therapy.

Handicapped Pets – For Elderly, Disabled, and Injured Pets – Products, Services, and Support
Sometimes, there are alternatives to putting down an injured or elderly dog, cat, or other pet. This site is about our best friends and some of those alternatives. Join the thousands of people caring for an elderly, disabled, hurt, or handicapped dog, cat, or other animal.

Pet Diapers – Pet Diapers, Dog Diapers and Doggie Diapers disposable and washable for dogs, cats, and other pets.
Pet Diapers is your best source for disposable doggie diapers, washable pet diapers, incontinent pet supplies, and information about caring for a special needs or handicapped pet.

Adopt a Pet
We are North America’s largest non-profit pet adoption website and list 100,000 pets who need a home today, plus work with over 6,000 animal shelters all over the U.S. and Canada. Best of all, our non-profit website is totally free for animal shelters and the public to use.

Game Ready
Game Ready™ is the injury treatment system of choice for thousands of orthopedic clinics, physical therapy centers, pro athletes, athletic trainers, and equine veterinarians around the world. And now, Game Ready brings all the benefits of its revolutionary accelerated recovery system to canines. Putting proven therapeutic principles into action, Game Ready canine products combine dry cold therapy with active compression to help reduce swelling, minimize pain, prevent further tissue damage, and promote faster healing.

Companion Laser Therapy – Lite Cure, LLC
Drug-Free, Surgery-Free, Lasting Pain Relief and Healing in the Veterinary Market. Used by more veterinarians than any other Class IV laser, the Companion Therapy Laser® system is the most powerful Class IV laser in the veterinary market today. Designed exclusively for veterinary medicine, the Companion Therapy Laser® system is used to provide pets with faster recovery times and practices with enhanced clinical outcomes for: Pain Relief, Age Related Diseases, Rehabilitation, Chronic and Acute Disorders, Wound Healing, and more….

Back on Track
You are on the way to a pain free life for both you and your animals. Maybe it’s hard to get excited since you have tried everything and maybe not had any luck? Give yourself one more chance to a better and pain free life for you all.

Ball Dynamics – FitPAWS – USA
FitPAWS® Canine Conditioning Equipment is used by animal rehabilitation professionals, veterinarians, sport dog enthusiasts and professional dog trainers for core strengthening, increased range of motion and flexibility, neuromuscular facilitation, sensory and perceptual stimulation, joint alignment, and balance control. Core strength is a fundamental element used by your dog to control its body when jumping, turning, running. Helping your dog develop strong core muscles can reduce and prevent injuries. This is true whether your dog is involved in dog sports, is a working dog, or just a couch potato with healthier aspirations.

DogLeggs – Therapeutic & Rehabilitative Products
DogLeggs is the leader in providing therapeutic and rehabilitative coverage solutions to the veterinary market and the customers they serve. Coverage solutions are products that are placed on the outside of the animal to provide one or more of the following: padding, protection and support. Examples are: Standard Adjustable DogLeggs for hygroma and decubital ulcer, Front Leg Wraps for Lick Granuloma, Carpal and Tarsal supports for joint laxity, Surgi-Sox compression bandaging and DogLeggs Shoulder Stabilization System.

Advanced Care Veterinary Services
Making your old dog feel young again.
Pain management, acupuncture, physical medicine and rehabilitation.

See DogTread website! Everything you need to know about dog treadmills. Learn about the technical aspects and the flexibility a dog treadmill can provide, from side-by-side comparisons, to training techniques and expert reviews – it is all here!

Vetexos splints and braces for the canine market feature the innovative dry-heat thermoformable bracing technology developed by Exos Corporation.  This technology has already revolutionized the world of orthopedic medicine and is now widely used for external musculoskeletal support and fracture management.  Visit our website! Watch sample video.

Focused Shockwave Therapy for all species.   Less Cost – No Therapy Heads to Replace.   Less Patient Discomfort – No Sedation Required.   Less Noise – Does Not Startle Patients.   More Control – Trigger Points Focus Accuracy – 30 Energy Settings – Check out this great YouTube Video by PiezoWave Vet is a comprehensive and informative resource that ranks each university throughout the nation by size, degrees offered, tuition costs, admission, graduation, and retention rates.

Vetoquinol – a Sign of Passion – New Dimensions in Pet Health
Since 1933, Vétoquinol has been a pioneer in the animal health field. Based in France, this family-owned company today employs more than 1,400 people and has developed hundreds of innovative treatment options for use by veterinarians around the world.

MediVet Biologics – Advanced Cellular Solutions.  Stem cell prodecures for our companions – “We are leading the race in animal stem cell research.”
What is stem cell therapy?  Stem cells are the body’s repair cells.  They have the ability to divide and differentiate into many different types of cells based on where they are needed throughout the body.  Stem cells can divide and turn into tissues such as skin, fat, muscle, bone, cartilage, and nerve to name a few.  They even possess the ability to replicate into organs such as the heart, liver, intestines, pancreas, etc.

DogVacay – helpful website that allows pet parents to find nearby homes to board their dogs….aka the “Airbnb for dogs” as we’ve been dubbed. – Read this great article on The New Breed of Service Dog:  Canine Caregivers for Dementia and Alzheimer’s Patients ( connects dog parents with a nationwide network of dog lovers for hire, offering in-home dog boarding, dog sitting, and dog walking.)

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