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CSCC II: Hands-on LABS: VIRTUAL Only - June 21-23, 2024


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CSCC II: Hands-on LABS: VIRTUAL Only - August 9-11, 2024


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CSCC II: Hands-on LABS: LIVE IN PERSON Only - October 25-27, 2024

Location:  North Carolina State University, College of Veterinary Medicine (Main CVM Entrance & Library on the map) LABS:  Live In Person Only (MAX 30)

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About the Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach (CSCC) Program:

The NEW Certification in Canine Strength and Conditioning Coach (CSCC) program bundle is now available.

The Certified Canine Strength and Conditioning Coach (CSCC) program is intended for professionals that want to understand and implement proper canine training techniques, foundational training, exercises specific to canine movement, safe and effective use of equipment, and program design specific to each individual client’s needs.

The CSCC program presents real world applications for the concepts of canine fitness and functional exercise.  Offering to you a hybrid format of online lecture and hands-on training that will enhance the learning process of the most important canine fitness and exercise concepts.

The CSCC program will give you the knowledge and hands-on applications to be able to design safe and effective exercise plans that are specific to a dog’s structure and activities.

A key component to the program includes creating a comprehensive canine conditioning plan that will implement the following:

  • Strength and balance exercises
  • Exercises specific to the dog’s needs
  • Sprint and/or endurance work
  • Sport and activity specific exercises
  • Flexibility exercise
  • Mental challenges

Meet the Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach (CSCC) Faculty:

Bobbie Lyons, Program Director, Lead Instructor
Sherman Canapp, Program Advisor
Beth Bauer, Instructor
Meredith Wille, Instructor and Content Analyst
Kirsten Holt, Instructor

Prerequisites and Intended Audience:

Intended Audience:  We have students from a variety of backgrounds in canine fitness, exercise, dog training and other related fields that enroll in our program.
Student backgrounds include (but not limited to):

  • Certified Dog Trainers
  • Agility professionals
  • Dock Diving Professionals
  • Canine Exercise and Fitness Trainers
  • Field Trial Professionals
  • Military and Police Background
  • Search and Rescue Professionals
  • Veterinarians / Veterinary Technicians
  • Canine Physiotherapy Professionals

Why our Program?  Our program offers the following advantages:

  • If you are looking for a program that presents real world application for the concepts of canine fitness, strength and conditioning, the CSCC program is for you.
  • Commitment to presenting the most up to date, comprehensive curriculum that provides a strong foundation to develop a results-driven program that utilizes a standardized fitness assessment on which to build and improve the practices of canine fitness, strength and conditioning.
  • The CSCC program is delivered in a hybrid format of preparatory online lectures that can be started at any time.  Followed with a hands-on lab session, case studies and online final exam.
  • Instruction by faculty that specialize in canine fitness, exercise, functional exercise, strength and conditioning.
  • Promotion of safe and effective practices in canine fitness, exercise, strength and conditioning training.

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